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The Materials Community of Experts, created in 2000, aims to promote expertise and contribute to innovation in the field of materials

Every year, workshops, seminars and work groups are introduced in a range of fields (atomic oxygen, additive manufacturing, non-destructive testing techniques, contamination, nanomaterials, etc.) in order to encourage exchange between the Space sector and other activity sectors.


The MAT COMET focuses primarily on the following fields :

- Knowledge of space materials (new materials, new applications, databases, lessons learnt (feedback) from previous projects, etc.),

- Production of materials (implementation processes, assembly and cleaning processes, etc.)

- Study and classification (destructive or non-destructive testing techniques, assessment, measuring and classification tools, etc.),

- Behaviour of materials subject to usage constraints (ageing, fatigue, wear, etc.),

- Materials in mechanisms (motorisation, guidance, transmission of mechanical power, movement measurement and control, sensor, electrical signal and power transmission) and tribology (lubrication and surface finishing),

- Knowledge and application of regulations relating to the field (RoHS, REACH, etc.) as well as usage restrictions (ITAR, etc.),

- Contamination on the ground or in flight (particulate, molecular, planetary protection).

The subjects covered will not be limited to the nature or scope of application of materials. However, modelling and design aspects will not be considered because they fall under the remit of the STR COMET, with whom several events are organised each year.

OOE COMET and ENV COMET are also key MAT COMET partners.


  • Marion BROUTELLE
    Ingénieur Matériaux et Procédés
    Ingénieur d'essais matériaux et mécanique
  • Thierry PIERRÉ
    Ingénieur Développement et Industrialisation fabrication additive