Computer System Architecture and Software Engineering

SIL SIL - Computer System Architecture and Software Engineering
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The objectives of the SIL Community of Experts are to share knowledge and good practices, to share user experiences and feedback and to work together on topics or common issues by means of:

  • the organisation of events linked to the general field of computer science
  • participation in external events
  • the creation of partnerships and extending the network


The over-riding objective is to respond to aerospace requirements. These requirements, as well as the issues encountered, are often very similar to those which occur outside an aerospace context. It is therefore important to open up to existing communities.

The cross-disciplinary themes dealt with are organised around the six following centres of interest: information architecture, software engineering, real time, scientific computing and distributed processing, data viability and promotion, cloud computing and virtualisation.


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  • Julien Petiton Julien Petiton
    Software Engineer
  • Maurice PONCET Maurice PONCET
    Expert Senior

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