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COMET Non Disclosure Agreement

In becoming a member of one or more COMET communities, I undertake to protect and keep strictly confidential the personal access codes to the COMET website that I am given in order to access the restricted areas of the website.

In addition, I undertake to :

  • comply with the duty of discretion concerning the information transmitted within this framework;
  • comply with instructions concerning the restricted dissemination of the data communicated, whatever their purpose, nature or transmission mode (including oral and visual means) or medium (including paper or electronic media) and, if relevant, to only disclose that data to employees of the company that employs me on a need-to-know basis and according to the protection measures previously defined by the person making the information available;
  • not use this information for any commercial or other purposes, without the prior written agreement of the organisation providing the information.


I acknowledge that the fact of having access to information and data within the framework of my COMET community(ies) does not in any way grant me an express or implied right concerning that information and as such, I undertake to comply with the intellectual property rights and related copyright issues

Moreover, I am fully aware that, in order to participate in events involving strictly confidential information, I may be required to sign a specific non-disclosure agreement before participating and that entry to the event will be restricted to a list of approved names

I acknowledge that I may be liable for any non-compliance with the present commitments for my membership requirement and that this may lead not only to my removal from the COMET communities of which I am a member and from the COMET website restricted area but also to possible legal proceedings by either CNES or the owner and/or person making available the information or data concerned

Entering the code constitutes electronic signature of the attached confidentiality agreement and implies acceptance of its provisions, as well as acceptance of all the general conditions concerning COMET membership described in the Charter as in the legal Notice. It certifies that these documents have been read in full.

*The coordinators of the community concerned reserve the right to accept or refuse a membership application and their decision cannot be contested under any circumstances (5 applications max by member).
*Entering the code means that you have read this charter and the legal notices, and that you accept the provisions relating to confidentiality and intellectual property