Spacecraft on-Board Energy

EDB EDB - Spacecraft on-Board Energy
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The technical areas covered by the COMmunity of ExperTs EdB are:

  • At the thematic level: the production, storage, conversion and distribution of electrical energy.
  • At the domain level: materials, components, equipment and electrical architectures.

The Community is centered around the power subsystem of space vehicles and launchers.

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  • Emilie GLOAGUEN
    community moderator
  • 5 June 2018
    from 09H00 to 17H30
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    Avionics / Electric NanoSat Workshop, 3U / 12U

    IRE - On-Board data handling
    COMET IRE and EDB, in partnership with the CNES Club Nano organized a workshop dedicated to the avionics and electrical architecture of the NanoSats Date : June 05, 2018 Place: Toulouse, ENSEEIHT  
    • ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France
    • FR
    • No videoconference
    • Public
  • 5 April 2018
    from 09H00 to 12H00
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    Development of passive magnetic components

    MCE - Microsystems and Electronic Components
    The CNES Microsystems and Electronic Components (MCE) and On-board Energy (EDB) COMETs are organising a workshop on the development of passive magnetic components. Objectives: To bring together key players in the academic and manufacturing fields, Exchange on the technologies currently being studied and undergoing R&D, Share information on the manufacturing techniques of these components, Get an overview of the level of maturity of this type of technology.
    • Meeting Business Center, Toulouse, France
    • FR
    • No videoconference
    • Restricted access