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Space Technology Meetings (RTS) are a forum for presenting the research carried out within the framework of the CNES programme for R&T of Orbital Systems.

The Space Technology Meetings (RTS) were set up in 2001 to make it easier to communicate the results of R&T work financed by the CNES. These meetings are aimed at the whole European space community and are open to a wide audience in order to ensure that information reaches a maximum number of recipients and that results are widely known and therefore have a good chance of being used quickly in concrete applications, whether they be scientific or commercial.

These Meetings function in complement to the COMET (Community of Technical Skills) workshops and play an important role in the emergence of R&T ideas and the integration of technical advances in our vision of the future.

The annual RTS programme is scheduled at the beginning of each year. The Meetings are generally held in Toulouse. Participation is unrestricted and free.

It is however necessary to register before attending the event.

date   Events  Place
08/06/2017 Deformable mechanics of balloons and supple structures ENAC Toulouse

Altimetry and radar signal processing

 ENAC Toulouse




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